SOAR R&R Training 

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What are are you serving in  for R&R?
Contact Information
General Training
What are the 3 most important things to remember no matter what capacity you volunteer in?
If you need assistance during the event who should you find?
What should you wear/not wear to a Respite event?
Area Volunteering
What area are you volunteering in for SOAR Respite?
Buddy/Buddy Float - What are 3 different ways you can assist your buddy with their behavior?
Buddy/Buddy Float - What is the most important thing to remember during a challenging moment? 
Buddy/Buddy Float - What are the two things you need to remember to do when a parent picks up their participant before you release them?
Medical - If there is a need to call 911 what should you do?
Security - If a buddy needs a 3rd person to assist in any way what should you do?
Siblings - What is the purpose of the siblings environment at an R&R event?
Rotations - When should you go to your rotation during an R&R event?
Rotations - At the end of an event before you leave what should you do?
Photography/Videography - Who should you take photos of during a Respite event?
Food - How many slices of pizza or snacks does each person get?
Check In/Out - What do parents need to take with them before they leave Check In?
Check In/Out -What is your role during Check Out?
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